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Having Fun with shadertoy

in shadertoy you can create custom and live shaders. so i played around with it and created a basic raytracer for spheres where they are animated by sound using the soundcloud method. ________________________________________________________________

Having Fun with shadertoy2017-02-04T21:46:48+01:00

Creating an procedural cube

A Procedural cube is created using triangles. This procedural cube consists of 12 Triangles, 36 Vertices and 36 Indices. The function uses a vector3 for the size, and a vector4 RGBA for the color, and a boolean for if a cubemap is used. void CreateCube(vec3 size, vec4 color, bool cubemap) { /*4__5 / /| /7_/ |6 0| 1| / 3|_2|/ */ The cube is [...]

Creating an procedural cube2017-02-04T21:46:48+01:00